bugs.maemo.org Custom Features — version 2.0

Just in time for the Summit, according to plan — I am pleased to blog about another round of custom features and tweaks for the maemo.org Bugzilla. Finally managed to push them live yesterday with our über-busy sys admins. Aside from quite a few almost-invisible stuff behind the scenes, general minor polishing, re-phrasing and branding, there are highly visible and useful features, to make Bugzilla a more pleasant experience for all of us.

Just like Nokia employees, active Maemo community members now are labeled as such on comments, generally giving a hint to their commitment and knowledge about the Maemo platform. You deserve it! We’ve started to add this bit to a few members already — if you spot one we’ve missed but should have this, please don’t hesitate to ping Andre or me.

A long-standing request is being added automatically to the Cc list when commenting on bugs. This now is a user preference, by default adding you to any bug sufficiently interesting to you to comment on. If you prefer the previous behavior (hey Ryan), getting it back is just two clicks away. Of course, this still can be set on a case-by-case basis.

Another convenient enhancement are visually highlighted quotes, making it easy to distinguish between the new information and what it refers to. Enjoy, I hope you like it!

Recently added task: Custom hacks to Bugzilla to provide IRC bot interoperability. Working on it with jott, this will be a nice feature for the IRC channel.

On a related note — already half way in Berlin. I’m excited to see you there!

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  1. @foo: Of course, all customizations that apply upstream will be contributed. In fact, some code fragments already have been pushed to related bugs.

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