Ultrazilla and accidental bans

Have started work on Ultrazilla. People interested in working on the next version of GNOME Bugzilla, join #bugs on irc.gnome.org. Subscribe to bugzilla-devel-list as well. I’m hoping to complete Ultrazilla before the 2.18 release.

Accidental bans: Since this weekend the Bugzilla webserver config was changed to automatically ban spiders (by IP address). This works by analyzing the URL. Unfortunately there could be some false positives. If you are banned, mail bugmaster@gnome.org. Specify your IP address and what URL you visited. We’ll unban you and also tell you how to avoid the automatic ban in future. Note that URLs causing the ban are not generated by Bugzilla.. if you have been banned, you followed a manually created URL (or your browser has a bug).

PS: the spiders are usually spambots looking for email addresses.