Handing the Sword of A Thousand Truths to Bugsquad

New developments in the story about stopping the hacker with absolutely no life

Currently the following is a pretty common picture if you look at the weekly-bug-summary:

Two bugsquad members closing more than 1000 bugs in 7 days

However, the Sword of A Thousand Truths has been found, and is about to be handed over to the Bugsquad:

Picture of the sword

And for everyone who wants some real details: I’ve created a way to have bug-buddy bugs ‘rejected’/’ignored’ using the stack trace. Something like this I’ve implemented before for the old Bug-Buddy interface. However, this one had to be created from scratch.

What it currently does:

  • Uses 5 functions of a stack trace
  • Optionally limited to a product, product version or GNOME version
  • To the user it will pretend the user created the original bug (the one with the many duplicates.. this because I cannot send a good error message to the current Bug-Buddy versions)
  • There is a nice interface for experienced bugsquad members to add/edit/remove the stack traces that are rejected/ignored.
  • Allowing developers to add stack traces to be rejected is on the todo list, but I need to make the UI better first
  • If a bug will have stack traces auto-rejected, Bugsquad will (manually) add a note pointing to this page (this page is still being edited).
  • The patch has been committed just recently.. obviously it lacks documentation + it could do a few things better, etc.

Technical details can be found here.
The patch that does this (have been changes since this) is here.

Finally, Karsten Br├Ąckelmann and Andre Klapper: many many thanks for continuing to close so many bugs.