Nazgul on GNOME Bugzilla

Christian Kirbach will now handle all product creation requests on GNOME Bugzilla. Hopefully he likes perl as well… for his sake.

In other news, about 1500 people clicked on the porno spam link posted as a few HTML files in GNOME Bugzilla. Spammer has been banned of course, plus the files aren’t visible anymore. Please inform, or someone in #bugs on when you notice this in future.
Aside from GNOME Bugzilla, the spammer abused at least Red Hat Bugzilla, and some wiki site. The spammer didn’t use a bot btw, the account creation was manual (easy to determine from the logs).

Read (via Digg) a blog about 14 rules for fast web pages. Enabled that gzip stuff for Bugzilla. Ignored the rest.