Accounts Team + Membership Committee transparency

Guilherme de S. Pastore created an overview for some of the RequestTracker3 queues in After some discussion with Federico I’ve enhanced these to show an overview of all new/open/stalled tickets. Before you could only see the totals; not what the state of your ticket was in. For stalled tickets it even tries to figure out why it is in stalled state (waiting for someone to reply). That is a hack though and although it should often be incorrect; it might show the wrong information.

Quick explanation of the various states:

  • new: nobody ever touched it
  • open: someone touched it (e.g. goes into this state again after someone sends a mail to a stalled ticket)
  • stalled: we are waiting for something. Usually either a reply from the requestor or someone we manually cc’ed (maintainer to ask for approval).

All new tickets will now be informed about this URL in the autoreply. I’m planning to inform all new/open/stalled tickets requestors as well if easily doable.