Enforcing proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS files in SVN

I enabled a pre-commit check which validates if there is a /trunk/MAINTAINERS file. It also quickly checks if the format of that file is ok. If a module doesn’t have a /trunk/MAINTAINERS file, or it isn’t in the right format, the commit will be rejected. See http://live.gnome.org/MaintainersCorner#maintainers for how a proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS file should look like.

Note that I gave various pre-warnings regarding this, and your commit is not lost. You can commit a proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS file to allow normal commits again.

Since enabling the pre-commit just over an hour ago, 6 additional modules have a proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS file. Only a few hundred to go. :)

4 Replies to “Enforcing proper /trunk/MAINTAINERS files in SVN”

  1. Was emailing the people in the old-format
    MAINTAINERS file too hard, or do you just like
    to spring this kind of surprises on people
    who do not read mailing-list-du-jour?

  2. Maintainers are supposed to read devel-announce-list. If you don’t read that, then I suggest you subscribe. Yes, instead of having Baris write the system I could have him try and parse every different MAINTAINERS format during the whole SoC. He actually spent a few *days* doing exactly that. The result was pretty bad, as 300+ modules didn’t even have such a file. Perhaps he could look at the first person committing and assume that was the maintainer.. and hope the email address in Mango is still correct.

    The problem is that we cannot make any use of the existing MAINTAINERS files. That is the exact point of why I’ve resorted to a pre-commit script to get any usable data. I’m just trying to implement an accounts system The hook only takes a few minutes at most to fix.

  3. I for one want to thank you (and Baris) for your work. if this proves useful to speed up the account approval process then it’s a welcomed change indeed.

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