Abstract nonsense

Responding to what Julien wrote:
Anyone is welcome to help improve Mango (system used to create GNOME SVN accounts). Creating an account is much faster currently than before. From request to commit access (including cron) has taken as little as 16min. In general, accounts@gnome.org is no longer the bottleneck for new accounts (except for translator accounts, haven’t finished setting that up in Mango, currently writing the script to handle the modules, will include translations eventually).

Of course, changes to existing accounts still take a lot of time. But ehr, all my requests for people helping to improve Mango are usually responded in two ways: 1) seen as a vacancy 2) nothing. Not talking about the accounts team. That has expanded (much appreciated).

It would be so much easier if I had help or enough time. Or a real understanding of LDAP (see lack of time). Or if I could force everyone in GNOME to just use GPG (I would’ve if it wasn’t for the lack of time). The lack of GPG combined with wanting security makes some things very difficult to solve.

Currently, I get complaints about not being able to reset the password. Yes, that doesn’t work (can’t really be automated ATM.. lack of GPG, time, etc). Oh well, at least the complaints are different.

I’d like to push as much of the stuff elsewhere. E.g., if you’ve been accepted to the GNOME foundation, you should get an LDAP (Mango) account. Currently the foundation members are a record in a database (no connection to the LDAP account.. also not possible due to slightly different names, email addresses that do not match, etc). If at one point every GNOME foundation member would have an LDAP account, requesting the gnome.org alias would take max 21min (cron). This won’t happen any time soon.

Currently there are various sysadmin tickets I haven’t responded to (or looked at). Three membership committee members who need to be able to do their work (RT3, Mango, IIRC some SSH key resetting as well). Bugzilla config for bugs.gnome.org is still broken, Bugzilla itself should be ported to 3.0. Mango needs to be developed further. Foundation members should be migrated somehow. Etc, etc. Like I said often enough, help is welcome (again: to automate stuff; there are only a few things that require something other than SVN commit access, which I’d gladly provide).

I don’t see above as an organisational problem.