Non-working new accounts and other stuff

The LDAP replication was broken between the master LDAP server and This meant that new accounts didn’t work, nor any SSH key changes. This has been fixed by Ross Golder. So if you had any problems, please try again. If you still have problems, email

Patrick Fey
We have a new hacker working on Mango, he now has an SVN account.

Non-working email addresses
Note that people with non-working email addresses will have their SVN permissions disabled if the new email address cannot be found / verified. Of course, as soon as the new email address is known, SVN will be reinstated. Mail if that happens to you. We don’t check email addresses actively btw, so this will generally only occur for people who can approve accounts in Mango (because of a bounce of the Mango explanation email).

Translator accounts
Mango now has a drop down list with translation teams. This wasn’t added before as adding this involved more than just showing a list of languages.