Three interesting things

Noticed a few interesting things today:

  1. GNOME hackers ask things that are answered by the (very short) IRC topic
  2. Someone asked if the GTK 1.2 (1.2.0 was released on 27-Feb-1999) documentation could be put on a site somewhere again, as it is ‘extremely handy’
  3. Some spammer asked if his post could be removed from the archives at

Oh, and my addition of sftp to the releng convert-to-tarballs script wasn’t useless. It finally noticed a tarball before it was on the main mirror, This to ensure any release team member (with a properly configured setup) won’t be affected by any mirror lag. The script will try to d/l any tarball for up to 2 minutes with an appropriate waiting time in between (might need to increase the total number of tries though). It’ll also use resume (so in case of a partial d/l, it doesn’t d/l the whole file again, except if it is corrupt)

4 Replies to “Three interesting things”

  1. Anders: Non-ancient docs are available on (meaning 2.0 onwards). GTK 1.2 until a few months ago appeared higher in the search results than GTK 2.0. That was a crazy situation (people often referred to these docs).
    Those 1.2 docs weren’t ‘removed’. What happened is that the current content on (which had all kind of old & outdated documentation) has been redirected to That site updates automatically.. e.g. new GTK docs should appear within max 15min or so after a tarball has been released.
    The GNOME Library has software from ~ GNOME 2.8 onwards. There aren’t plans to put older stuff on there (well, unless someone does the work and it isn’t a hack).

    Regarding the documentation GTK 1.2 documentation: it is included in GTK (meaning, fetch the tarball and you have it).

    The post is more about that someone has a need for these docs.

  2. I think the IRC topic would be much more useful, if the GNOME IRC network wouldn’t loose it for most servers all of the time. I typically just see that there is no topic at all. That said, I don’t know the specific topic and question that was meant, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because of the IRC network information syncing problems or whatever that plague the GimpNET.

  3. Mart, In this case the topic was visible. Lack of services and that topic bug is annoying… but I am not an IRC operator, so can’t do much about it.

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