Killing CVS archive, CVS website, possibly: anoncvs

The site was still running. It is has been a year since the migration to SVN and the site is not maintained anymore. However, it still contained the CVS archive. Before killing the site I wanted to move the CVS archive into SVN. That is happening at the moment. You can follow the progress at I’ve already made the CVS website redirect to

Another thing I want to kill anoncvs. It has been a year and I don’t like to run services that aren’t looked at. Unfortunately I cannot kill CVS completely as there are still some external users ( although it seems they switched to hg).

I’ve looked at other infrastructure tasks I still want to complete, but there isn’t anything I want to do atm. After 2.22 I plan to upgrade the machine to the latest Ubuntu LTS (has a newer SVN). The LTS will only be out after 2.22, and doing such a change just before a stable release wouldn’t be good for development.