Smoketesting 2.22.0

We are nearing another stable release. Some of you might use a distro that has already packaged the 2.22.0 tarballs. However, the official release occured after you received the email from Mr. Icecream to devel-announce-list (used for announcement to developers; tarballs due emails, etc) and gnome-announce-list (general GNOME and GNOME related announcements). You might see various preparation work going on in, etc… but until Mr. Icecream says so, the release is not done. This as there always could be delays, etc (meaning: don’t say it is done before vuntz 🙂 ).

If you want to help smoketest 2.22.0 (best done by people who used jhbuild before), read on.

The files are all located in

The directory also contains a sample ~/.jhbuildrc. Suggest to use it. Meaning: download it to e.g. ~/.jhbuildrc.tarballs:

wget -O ~/.jhbuildrc.tarballs

Now bootstrap everything aside from Python (will give problems on x86_64):

jhbuild -f ~/.jhbuildrc.tarballs -m bootstrap build -s python meta-bootstrap

After that has completed, it is time to build 2.22.0:

jhbuild -f ~/.jhbuildrc.tarballs -m build meta-gnome-desktop