Free as in Libre

Sometimes it is nice to pay someone to do something for you. But it is better to have a choice between either paying that someone, or just someone else or perhaps doing it yourself (plus loads of other possibilities). For me that freedom is what I love about GNOME. Being able to change whatever you want, seeing the changes other people make.

Really nice to see a post to gnome-i18n about adding support for Upper Sorbian. No need for convincing one certain deciding group. Here Thomas chose to add support for this language (total speakers ~55,000 according to Wikipedia) together with his girlfriend.

Deciding on a DVCS

Elijah’s latest VCS blogpost is on LWN. Noticed the following addition:

On a related note, it appears that Emacs will be moving to Bzr, not for a specific technical reason, but because Bzr is becoming a GNU project.

I don’t care if above is true or not. Just found it an interesting way of deciding. IMO all the VCS systems have issues and I haven’t seen a Mutt version.