Deciding on a DVCS

Elijah’s latest VCS blogpost is on LWN. Noticed the following addition:

On a related note, it appears that Emacs will be moving to Bzr, not for a specific technical reason, but because Bzr is becoming a GNU project.

I don’t care if above is true or not. Just found it an interesting way of deciding. IMO all the VCS systems have issues and I haven’t seen a Mutt version.

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  1. RMS does use things like this as a tiebreaker, and it makes a certain amount of sense, because “becoming a GNU project” basically means “will treat GNU as the top-priority customer”.

  2. From “All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less”. IMO Bzr comes closest (finally good usability!). However, Elijah is pointing out some drawbacks with Bzr as well. I’m still learning though.

  3. Here’s a better quote from three weeks ago or so (

    “Bzr is now a GNU package, though it has not been updated to reflect that. It is most unlikely that git or Mercurial will be GNU packages. Thus, unless Bzr is unsuitable, we should use Bzr.

    We’ve seen enough to know that each has its advantages but all are workable. So we should use Bzr. And if there are aspects of it which prove inconvenient, we can ask the Maintainer of Bzr to improve them.”

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