As seen in #sysadmin

<saned> hello. I'm wondering whether has been defaced...
<saned> it says "Damned Lies about GNOME"
<saned> is it some kind of joke?

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  1. It isn’t actually at all clear why the page has that title. I know it’s square to nitpick at these presumed in-jokes, but community pages are probably better not featuring them prominently like that.

    – Chris

  2. Chris: It is not a in-joke. See,_damned_lies,_and_statistics. The person who wrote it gave it that name. There has been one question about this since it went up, to change the title of a site based on that is a bit rushed.

    I agree the name isn’t clear. That wasn’t the intend of my post.
    What I find nice is that someone was nice enough to inform us about a possible problem with our servers. Unfortunately the person left the channel before I could respond (hours++ later).

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