Upgrade of SVN server, viewvc

I’ve upgraded the following things:

  • SVN server
    Uses version 1.5.4 on the server plus all the repositories have been dumped & loaded to ensure every module uses the latest repository format
  • ViewVC has been upgraded to latest trunk (as of today

SVN server upgrade
This features merge tracking. For it to be fully reliable, non merge tracking clients shouldn’t be used anymore. In short: we might need to ban SVN 1.4 and older from committing to the repository (anonsvn is of course ok). Aside from merge tracking (and various other changes), the repository on the server is also a lot smaller, in size is about 66% of what it was before. This is due the old repos format (v3), it was very inefficient with binary files.

Although you can upgrade the repository format by use of svnadmin upgrade, the --help mentions it only does the bare minimum. So I’ve created my own hacky script instead.

ViewVC upgrade
It has been a while since I last upgraded this to upstream trunk. I noticed a problem with unidiffs. There could be other problems as well, please file a bug for those (after checking for known bugs).

ViewVC is a lot nicer in the trunk version, noticed the following niceties:

  • Displays file/directory properties (such as svn:externals and svn:executable)
  • Different syntax highlighting (Pygments, doesn’t seem to highlight as much as before)
  • Upstream email mangling (Bugzilla style). Perhaps I’ll modify this, liked out method better (replacing @ and . by a space)
  • Slightly more resistant against strangenesses in query/RSS stuff
  • Supports intraline changes (not sure if this is new, but wasn’t enabled before)

I’ve also enabled pagination and set it to 800. It means if something generates over 800 entries, it will show a ‘Next Page’ button. Useful for very long logs. I don’t think anyone is really interested in the full log by default. Unfortunately it works per default also for the main repository view, otherwise I would’ve set the value much lower (e.g. 100).

3 Replies to “Upgrade of SVN server, viewvc”

  1. “the repository on the server is also a lot smaller, in size is about 66% of what it was before”: I tried the
    dump+load procedure with a few medium-to-large repositories and can’t confirm your claim, repository size doesn’t change. These were SVN 1.4 repositories using the FSFS backend. Also I can’t find anything in
    the SVN 1.5 release notes mentioning more space
    efficient storage, esp. wrt binary files.

  2. Sgt Rod: Most of the repositories used v3 of the repos format. They made in more efficient in SVN 1.4. I upgraded from 1.3->1.5 (the repos, we already had 1.4 on the server).

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