Ambient music daemon?

Disclaimer: before you call me a freak, keep in mind I do know none of this is possible. At least not now and not without hacking half of the desktop. Nonetheless it was an awesome dream.

That’s right, I’m blogging about my dream from last night. Seriously. And it sure was an awesome dream too!

Imagine a daemon playing a number of tracks in perfect sync. Think old trackers here (ah, the times of .MOD, .S3M, .IT, .XM etc.) with — say — 8 tracks, all muted for now.

Now teach the little daemon in your head how to track window focus. Have it know if you’re editing a file or if you’re doing voodoo in your terminal. Make it whistle different tracks depending on what is happening at the moment. What I mean is make it slowly fade the current track into the next one.

Now teach your little pet how to track long running background tasks. Make it whistle an additional tune while you’re burning a CD, compiling a kernel or downloading a large file. So if you have a long lasting operation, you have 2 tracks playing at the same time.

Now add notification icons. Say having a non-dismissed notification adds an additional track that slowly fades in when the first icon appears and slowly fades out as the last icon goes.

Like it? I thought it was an awesome dream. And an awesome idea too. Sort of how LittleBigPlanet’s dynamic music tracks work.

3 thoughts on “Ambient music daemon?”

  1. that would be kinda cool, I’m sure i would turn it off almost immediately just like i do composting but it would be cool to play with. Maybe for GNOME4

  2. I’ve actually had an idea like this before. Although it was a little more simple than yours. I thought of an ambient noice renderer. It renders and plays back ambience noise depending on how much CPU is being used.

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