27 Jan 2004


Sent a couple of simple patches to Evolution… they said me that they’re mostly OK, but to get them in I have to sign the copyright assignment.
I have no problemem doing that and I understand it’s a general policy, but it’s a bit annonying, especially considering the fact that mine were just a couple of simple “boring-sunday-afternoon” patches and that I don’t plan (lack of time and skill) to become a regular evolution contributor.
I wonder how many contributors are put off by this hurdle… not the copyright assignment per se, but the fact that you have print it down and send it to the US by regular mail.

Would a click-through agreement when submitting a patch in bugzilla hold any legal value?

Anyway Evo 1.5 is shaping up really nice, it’s a still a bit raugh and unstable but running cvs HEAD you can really feel the improvement day by day… You almost can hear the noise of bugs being squished ;-)
Thanks to Ximian and to all the Evo hackers!

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