24 Jan 2004


Felt like crap the whole day: as usual I get ill during a week-end. Didn’t manage to get anything done school-wise, I spent the day between IRC and TV… At some point I got bored enough to prepare a couple of patches and file them in bugzilla.
I think I also have a simple Evolution patch, but I have still to see if it works properly.

Gnome 2.6

In the past week the first pieces of Gnome 2.6 have started to get into Fedora Rawhide. Since during the transition many things are still broken (e.g. I don’t have items in the Applications menu), I took the chance to switch again to a Gnome cvs HEAD installation made with jhbuild.
During the 2.3 series I run cvs HEAD all the time, but during 2.5 I limited myself to try cvs HEAD only of some apps I’m interested in. This for two reasons:

  • I didn’t manage to get Fedora GDM to log into my GNOMECVS session by default: it always tell me to use SwitchDesktop and that crap, but it only sees the standard Fedora Gnome.
  • Spatial Nautilus. It’s not that I don’t like it or that I’m against it: if so many people I trust think it’s a good idea it’s probably true… on the other hand it gets in my way of doing things. Probably I just have to get used to it.

Anyway as a whole it seems that Gnome 2.6 is shaping up really nice and clean.</ul>

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