Late Christmas gift for Windows users

In the last days nacho has been doing great work on gedit to finally get it to compile and work on Windows. Today we reached a milestone producing a first working version of the installer. It is an alpha version and obviously still needs many fixes and polishing (for instance python plugins do not work yet), but hey, if you are used to notepad you can’t complain :-)

Give it a try and let us know.

gedit on windows

gedit on windows

24 Responses to “Late Christmas gift for Windows users”

  1. Livio Says:

    Oh no, Armageddon instead Christmas ;p .

  2. DeeJay1 Says:

    Well, I hope this will end up with a nice wiki on how to get all the freaking steps to do it on a win32 machine, as I tried to build the gtk+2 stack some time ago and it ended in an epic fail…

  3. pbor Says:

    DeeJay1: we (and by we I mean nacho :) pretty much followed closely the instructions for glom

  4. ethana2 Says:

    Wait, does the Windows gui tk not even have it’s own tabs widget?

  5. Dylan McCall Says:

    ethana2: Nope, Windows’ UI toolkit does do tabs. It doesn’t do Pages, though, like GTK does. Instead tabs are essentially differently shaped radio buttons and you have to handle page switching manually.

  6. Stu Says:

    Sweeet :)

    Once this is stable I’ll have to seriously consider giving up jedit (I try and use cross platform apps where possible)

  7. Artem Says:

    This causes blue screen of death on Vista.

    Gedit.exe wants to connect to internet and takes down the machine if allowed. If I block this request via firewall, it just sits there not showing any GUI.

  8. Artem Says:

    Update: it also cannot be uninstalled (Windows complains about corrupted uninst000.dat file). Bad bad bad.

  9. nitrofurano Says:

    Finally, a decent .txt editor for ms-windows! =)

  10. pbor Says:

    ethana2: gedit uses gtk also on windows, it doesn’t use the native wini32 toolkit

    Artem: I do not have vista, but that sounds really strange. I am sure that there is no network related code in gedit. The only kind of connection that is used is the one to talk with gconf to store the preferences. The installer also works fine here on XP, anyway the installer only copies files in c:\programs\gedit and doesn’t do any other magic so you can delete that folder manually

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  12. Artem Says:

    @pbor: Regarding network connection, it now struck me that it was actually trying to connect to localhost ( Anyway, when I allowed that, it went the BSD route.

    And I managed to uninstall it by reinstalling and then removing using the normal procedure.

  13. Kyle Says:

    Awesome guys! Great! I’ve been waiting for this to happen!
    Here’s the problems I see:
    No icons in vista
    Font rendering looks wierd (gtk – more then likely not you all)
    Icons are kinda blah (TANGO icons are pretty!)
    Default user directory is windows/system32
    textonly box opens (would pthreads prevent this)

    other then that, great! I love how the color schemes work and the syntax formatting! I read the planet gnome blog with my google reader and when I see another version, I’ll be testing!

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  15. Markus Says:

    Awesome! Much better than Notepad++ and Programmers Notepad. Finally I have a decent general purpose text editor on my work computer.

    Do you know when more plugins (like snippets) will be available?

  16. pbor Says:

    An updated version of the installer is available on and it should fix some of the issues… python plugins support is next on our TODO list :-)

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  18. kyle hotchkiss Says:

    Hey! Trying out the new version.
    It’s great how the gconf window doesn’t popup anymore!

    The help menu points to something in the system32 window.

    The spelling wants aspell.dll.

    Other then that, great! Still iconless, but that is unimportant.

    btw the first version crashed when I ran the thunderbird 3 beta 2 installer?

  19. kyle hotchkiss Says:

    btw the scroller bar on my mouse doesn’t scroll the page – probably another GTK error.

  20. nacho Says:

    You can try newer version on the latest should go with icon.

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  22. kyle hotchkiss Says:

    thanks nacho, is that the site where all the updates go to?

    btw, i am feeling the potential for a portable app here :)

  23. pbor Says:

    kyle: that’s just a staging area for test releases, real releases are available from

  24. kyle hotchkiss Says:

    alright, thanks, but I am going to watch those test releases as well.

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