gedit on osx

When blogging about the Windows port, I should also have mentioned the thanks to Jesse, gedit trunk also compiles and runs on OSX. Help with the creation of an installable bundle would be warmly appreciated!

gedit on OSX

gedit on OSX

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  1. Kyle Hotchkiss Says:

    Very sexy guys! I may not use OS X, but that is very sexy.

    Maybe it can even kill textmate someday ;-)

  2. Peteris Krisjanis Says:

    This looks beyond cool! :) Nice integration by the way.

  3. Jesse van den Kieboom Says:

    Note that the integration part is not yet in trunk (I just did that locally since it required some changes in the imendio osx integration lib).

  4. Hongli Lai Says:

    Woah, did GTK implement OS X menu bar integration?

  5. Marko Anastasov Says:

    Is it possible to have that coloscheme in Gnome as well?

  6. pbor Says:

    Marko: sure, I think it’s one of the themes avaialble at , just use the “Add” button in the gedit preference dialog to add it

  7. Jesse van den Kieboom Says:

    Hongli: the integration is done by a separate lib provided by imendio called ige-mac-integration. It provides some useful functions to automatically integrate the menu (+mapping key bindings to mac bindings) and handle the dock.

  8. Marko Anastasov Says:

    Paolo, awesome, thanks!

  9. Aaron Bockover Says:

    I’ve written a number of scripts for Banshee to create both .app and .dmg bundles, they’re fairly application agnostic, so please feel free to lift them.

    Additionally I wrote a dependency build system of sorts that builds libraries, strips, and relocates them. For instance, this builds GStreamer, the Xiph stack, FLAC, etc, and makes sure the resulting binaries are relocatable inside the .app.

  10. pbor Says:

    Aaron: thanks! I’ll make sure to point Jesse (or anyone with osx who wants to give it a try) there

  11. Chris Says:

    very nice :-) any chance of getting a .dmg for download or maybe some build instructions?

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