gedit 2.29.5

I just rolled the tarball for the next development release of gedit. This release marks an important milestone, since we completed all the goals we had on our roadmap for 2.30.

In particular this release overhauls the internals of I/O handling in gedit by always using gio for file loading and saving (we only used gio for saving remote files) and by taking advantage of the new data conversion api added by Alex.

For the casual gedit user these changes should be pretty much transparent, since they do not introduce new features except for the ability of forcing different line endings (Window’s CRLF, old MacOS CR and the usual UNIX LF). However since they are affecting one of the most important parts of the gedit codebase we would like to ask anyone running the development version and in particular who uses files with encodings different from UTF-8, to heavily test file loading and savingĀ  and report any problem or regression.

5 Responses to “gedit 2.29.5”

  1. mike Says:

    I was going to ask for block selection, but googling took me to a plugin which I will try now.

    Thanks, gedit is just great :)

  2. jessevdk Says:

    Note that block selection is available in the multiedit plugin that was recently added to the officially maintained gedit-plugins.

  3. alex Says:

    > Improve startup time

    Paolo, any luck that gedit will have a chance to start in times of a notepad? :) Now, my midori web-browser with 20 plugins starts and 2000 lines history twice faster then gedit :)

    Hope gedit will improve this problem till …. hope new stable release :)

  4. pbor Says:

    alex: which plugins do you have enabled? These days gedit comes up pretty much instantly for me…

  5. Kalle Says:

    Awesome release!

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