New logo

New logo, courtesy of Henry Peters.

New gedit logo

As announced by nacho, we have been looking for a new logo for a while. We had many interesting submissions and iterated through a couple of designs, borrowing ideas here and there. Thanks to all those who sent us their work!

Not only the new logo is already committed, but you can even wear it :)

6 Responses to “New logo”

  1. aklapper Says:

    I’m wondering if such stuff couldn’t also get under the umbrella.

  2. Andreas Nilsson Says:

    Yeah, that would be great!
    I’ll look around and see if there are other app icons we can add at the same time and create a App-merch-category.

  3. Jones Lee Says:

    Great work! Though I am not a big fan of glossy and name-based icon.

  4. Fabian Says:

    Hm, I still don’t get why gedit is the only (?) GNOME application that needs its own logo and doesn’t simply use the GTK stock icon…

  5. nacho Says:

    @Jones Lee: Well this is not an icon, it is the logo

  6. Jones Lee Says:

    @nacho: for the sake of HIG conformity, IMHO, gEdit should use theme text-editor app icon and fallback to the logo if there is no icon found.

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