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Lots of blogs/flames/opinions about gnome3 on the web lately… but as they say, there is no such things as bad publicity.

I’ll keep my opinions for myself for now, first of all because I have not yet used gnome-shell enough to make an informed evaluation, but most importantly because if I write them down here, 3 years from now people will be able to point out how wrong I was ;) [maybe I should link some of the blog posts explaining why the spatial nautilus – which is gone in 3.0 – was such a good idea]

With regard to gedit, I am really happy to see how things are coming along… up to a couple of weeks ago I was a bit worried about the stability of the upcoming release, but thanks to the great work of nacho, nud, jesse, gregier, j1mc (thanks for working on the docs!) and to the prompt support of gtk+ and pygobject developers in fixing reported bugs, I am now back to using the devel version of gedit for day to day work and I am confident that it will be a good release. Besides, now that even the dependency on GConf is gone, gedit will fit perfectly in your XFCE, LXDE or EXDE desktop :-)

Coming to more important matters, this blog post after almost an year was mostly an excuse to say that I should be in Cincinnati for about a week starting from the 25th of March… if there is any gnomer who would like to meet for a beer just let me know!

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  1. John Doe Says:

    Nooo, spatial nautilus is really gone!!!??? :-(

  2. ebassi Says:

    @John Doe: sadly, yes. I was probably one of the 5 people on this planet loving it. at least, current Nautilus in Browse mode has a lot less crap cluttering the UI — which I consider a good enough thing to convince me not to hassle Cosimo the next time I see him at a conference. ;-)

  3. Simon Says:

    As one of the people who very much liked the spatial nautilus (and still uses it in 2.x), I’d say “feel free”. The default view of 3.x and newer 2.x is good for navigating the filesystem, but not so good when you want to have several folders open and do a lot of drag-and-drop between them. And I actually do that a lot, dealing with downloaded files, or managing photos.

  4. Brian Says:

    You were right about spatial nautilus imo. I’ve been using GNOME Shell the last month, and haven’t been terribly impressed with it. It is really aimed for the most basic of users, and really seems to be pushing the more advanced users away in search of a new desktop (or more likely stay on GNOME 2.x for a while longer).

  5. Quinn Says:

    Yay! I’m glad i’m not the only person on the planet who uses and likes spatial nautilus.

    I also really hope gedit gets an SDI mode *crosses fingers*

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