Yesterday, I spent some time scanning random stuff that I
could find in my house. I would like to create some nice
brushes and textures for the next version of the GIMP
(1.2). So I
scanned some samples of wood, pebbles, skin, flowers and
even bread and pasta. Since I scanned them at a high
resolution (1200 dpi), I now have a number of large files
(several megabytes each) that I have to shrink down to a few
dozen KB if I want them to be distributed with the
gimp-data-extras package. I hope that I will be able to
produce some nice, high-quality textures.

I also hacked some Script-Fu logo scripts so that they
can register in a new menu “Alpha to logo”. I already sent
a patch for the first five scripts on Friday, and I
continued yesterday. Still a few more to go before all of
them are converted. It is very nice to have these enhanced
scripts when you have the GIMP Freetype plug-in

I am not sure that I will ever publish the second part of
my article about Moderation and
. I decided to wait for one month before
publishing anything new because the first part of that
article was published at a time when a lot of “meta”
discussions were posted (sometimes as replies to unrelated
articles) and some people were
rightfully upset about the number of meta comments. Now
the month is over and I still do not think that it would be
appropriate to post the second part of my article. The best
way to contribute would be for me to write the code instead
of just talking about it, but on the other hand it is nice
to have a discussion before implementing something that
people may not like. Hmmm… I think that I will wait a
bit more before deciding what to do with that article.

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