I wish I had the time to reply to raph’s diary entries about the
Tragedy of the Commons. There are lots of interesting ideas
and things to discuss.

I need a break from work. I am going on vacation

There is yet another discussion of the QPL vs. GPL
issues, on Slashdot this time. I posted a reply
to some comments related to the two Freshmeat editorials. I
wonder when these license incompatibility problems will be

<rant>And I am always surprised by the
number of people who fail to understand some basic things
about licenses and copyrights. IANAL and I am probably
wrong in some of my comments, but at least I try to get the
basic facts straight and to see the difference between law
and opinions. It looks like most contributors to these
stories don’t do that. Ah well… </rant>

I saw a new editorial on Freshmeat discussing the
incompatibility between the GPL and the QPL version 1.0. It
contains a good step-by-step explanation of the problems. I
included a link to it as well as some comments about the
editorial and its replies at the bottom of my previous article
about the QPL

I read Cees de Groot’s
in which he mentions that the Orbiten Free Software
credits him for a mere 39 K of code. Since I am
curious, I decided to check what the survey says about me
and I saw that it credits me (author 3745)
for the incredible total of 28 bytes of code. Wow!

For some reason,
it did not find me among the
contributors to
or some other packages to which I contributed. But
after a bit more
careful investigation, I found that the database had
registered me several times, so I have the other profiles 7841
(credited for 21 K) and 9709
(credited for 55 K). Still, that’s not much… The
interesting thing is that I am credited for some
projects in which I did not even know that my code was
used. But on the other hand, I could not find my name in
any of the projects to which I contributed directly (except
for rplay). Funny… Anyway, I’m curious to see the
results of their next study, which should be available

While I am thinking about contributions to free
projects, I realized that I wrote some patches to the GIMP
month and I forgot to submit them. They have been sitting
on my hard disk since then. Hmmm… Maybe I need more

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