28.01.2008 Australia Day in Sydney and Melbourne

The australians became independant some years ago, and I was in Sydney this weekend. There was spectacular fireworks with music and lots of ships parading in the harbour in Sydney. Back in Melbourne I was out a day at the beach, and did some swimming, got a minor sun burn, and got to know some people from all over the world.

7 thoughts on “28.01.2008 Australia Day in Sydney and Melbourne”

  1. I thought Sydney Day was in April. I know there was a parade there in 1952 as my husband was there. What happened to that celebration day?
    Would be interested to know. Have a nice day. Jean

  2. I thought Sydney had a Sydney Day in April. Does this still happen as I know from information given to me by my husband that he attended Sydney Day in April, 1952. I also have apiccture of this day. Liked your article on Australia Day. Thanks, have a nice day. Jean

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