Anklang 0.2.0 released

Anklang is a digital audio synthesis application for live creation and composition of music. It runs on Linux and is Free Software.

The 0.2.0 release improves audio synthesis capabilities, user interface, documentation, performance, packaging, and testing. We support new CLAP (draft) extensions, non-linear mappings for BlepSynth ADSR times, a Jack PCM driver, context help via F1 key, and improved note editing in the piano roll.

Anklang is different than many other DAWs because of its UI/Core design: The real-time sound engine is implemented in C++ but the user interface runs in Electronjs, Firefox or Chrome. So it is using C++ for the DSP code, but its UI is implemented based on web technologies.

At this point in development, this is a preview for curious users and developers and shows that the basic technologies we’re using really work to create a DAW.

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