liquidsfz 0.3.1

The main goal of liquidsfz is to implement a library that supports playing .sfz files and is easy to integrate into other projects. We also provide a JACK client and a LV2 plugin.

This week, liquidsfz-0.3.0 was released, and liquidsfz-0.3.1 which fixes some problematic bugs in 0.3.0.

The most important changes are:

The sound quality was improved. CPUs are getting faster every year, and systems which have multiple cores are increasingly common. So instead of trying to be ultra fast when playing samples, liquidsfz now provides good quality by default (and it has two lower quality modes if you really need maximum efficiency).

We load samples on demand now, only preloading the start of every sample. This reduces the startup time and memory usage for large sample sets.

For .sfz files which do not define CC7 (Volume) and CC10 (Pan) liquidsfz now provides default behaviour for these CCs (#30).

The license is now MPL2 which is a bit less restrictive than our previous license (LGPL).

The full list of changes is in the NEWS file.


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