27.02.2008 Black is beautiful – green is essential

The results of the Hamburg election are these: people do care about clean air, clean water and life. Thats why 9.6% of them voted green. They also care about economics, finance, employment, and so on. Thats why over 42% voted for the current majors Ole’s CDU. Now even although nobody at the green election party on Sunday was too eager on negotiating with the CDU, I am wondering if we will finally see a black-green coalition in Hamburg. Its the coalition I favoured since I started reading Heiner-Geisslers (CDU/CSU) books on politics when I was in school. Will it happen in Hamburg? I think for fighting against climate change or sorting out inter-religious differences that make migration harder than it ought to be, a CDU/Green coalition would be the right thing to do. So please: do it!

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  1. Yes,

    I also hope to see CDU+GAL happening in Hamburg. I absolutely do not see why large portions of GAL insist that the SPD is their only possible coalition partner: Such a attitude is kind anti-democratic, and also is some kind of self-deception: Preserving the environment definitely is a conservative goal by the definition of the word conservative. Also the CDU is highly competent regarding social aspects. It really sucks, that the CDU is confused with the hyper-liberal (better “egoistic”?) FDP regarding that topic. It sucks even more, that SPD, Die Linke and portions of Die Grünen deny the fact, that you have to earn money first, before you can spread it for social projects.

    Even the fields of difference make sense: Both parties take extreme positions regarding power generation, foreigner’s integration, school system. Extreme positions (aka. “Black and White”) most of the time are bad positions in my experience, so forcing both parties to find compromises regarding that topics, only can be good.

  2. blah says:

    Du findest also die Hochschulpolitik des CDU-Senats so geil? Oder das Kraftwerk Moorburg? Oder? Oder? Oder? Oh, mann.

    Sicherlich, wenn die heute doch sehr neoliberalen Grünen, die ohnehin nur noch ne bessere FDP sind, mit den ohnehin neoliberalen CDUlern zusammengehen, dann ist das nur natürlich. Aber ist es auch gut?

    Nein! Weil eine CDU an der Macht immer doof ist, egal ob nun ein weichgewaschener Ole von Beust ihr vorsteht oder ein Law-And-Order-Freund und Ausländerhasser namens Roland Koch.

    Vergiss auch nie, daß es sich um die selbe CDU handelt, die mit Freuden mit Schill zusammengearbeitet haben.

  3. Götz says:

    Wer hat uns verraten?
    Die Sozialdemokraten.
    Wer verrät uns noch schneller?
    Grüne und ALer.