27.03.2010 gst123

I’ve released gst123 to the public today. Its a command line tool like ogg123 or mpg123, capable of playing MP3, Ogg, FLAC and whatever other audio files gstreamer supports. So it works well on music collections where not all files are encoded in the same format.

Since I’ve been using (and thus testing) it for quite some time now, it should just work. You can grab it here.

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  1. Very cool Stefan. It would be infinitely more awesome if you added a way to control pause and fast forward/backward. Like alsaplayer where you can just start up another alsaplayer with –pause.

  2. Stefan Westerfeld says:

    True. I’ve added it to the TODO. I am not sure yet whats the proper way to do it because this should be done with cursor keys, and cursor keys are terminal specific.

    If you want to, you can also implement it yourself and send me a patch.

  3. I was thinking of a simpel socket based protocol ala mpd since it’s simple commands that we need to send and it would be trivial to write things to talk to gst123 then. I might find time to hack up a patch sometime soon, but until then let me know of such an approach.

  4. Stefan Westerfeld says:


    For gst123, one of the main goals is to keep complexity down. Inter process communication introduces a new complexity class. However, if the code is small and clearly structured so that its more or less obvious that it doesn’t break anything, I’d probably accept a patch.

    However, I won’t implement this feature myself for now.

  5. Tobu says:

    Nice. I’ve been using yauap (gst-based, has replaygain support) and mplayer (video support) (and a bit of xargs as well :P) to play random files while at the command line. gst123 could replace yauap easily for my purposes, and maybe even mplayer.