21.06.2010 foldroid – Mail Folder Selection Tool – released

I’ve been using mutt to manage my e-mail for many years now, and the one thing I’ve been missing is a nice overview over the folders that I have (due to many mailing lists I read, I use procmail for putting each list in a seperate folder). So I’ve written a curses based tool that lets you choose which (mbox style) mailbox you want to read, and it starts mutt with that mbox. It also shows the number of messages in each mbox, and the number of new messages. In my setup, I use it together with screen, so that each mutt is started in a new screen, which allows me to have many folders open at once.

So I’ve now fixed a couple of annoying things in foldroid, and made the initial public release. Its LGPLd and can be found on The Foldroid page, which also has a screenshot of foldroid at work.