02.07.2010 Releases, releases

Release early, release often is one of the most valuable things to keep in mind when doing free software development (if you haven’t heard of this advice before, try reading “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”). So… last couple of days I’ve spent making new releases of the software I am maintaining.

* The Foldroid mail folder selection tool should in the 0.0.2 release build out of the box on OpenSUSE and other systems that have ncurses includes not in /usr/include
* gst123 media player has seen a lot of improvements since the initial release, thanks to community input. The gst123-0.1.1 release should be much better for watching videos, while it maintains the ability to be run in text only mode.
* SpectMorph 0.0.3 should sound much better than any previous release; its still work in progress, but if you listen to the piano samples for 0.0.2 and 0.0.3 (on the web page), you should hear much better sound reproduction of the attack of the piano.

If you happen to find problems with any of those release, let me know :) For gst123 there are new fixes in the git repo that were too late for the release, so if you run into bugs there, try git first. I will make another gst123 release in the nearby future.

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