23.08.2011 bfsync-0.1.0 OR managing big files with git home

I’ve been using git to manage my home dir for a long time now, and I’m very happy with that. My desktop computer, laptop, server,… all share the same files. This solution is great for source code, web pages, contacts, scripts, configuration files and everything else that can be represented as text inside the git repo.

However when it comes to big files, git is a poor solution, and by big files I mean big, like video/music collection, iso images and so on. I tried git-annex which seems to adress the problem, but I never was happy with it.

So I decided to write my own (open source) big files synchronization program called bfsync, and today I made the first public release. It keeps only hashes of the data in a git repository (so the directory is managed by git), and is able to transfer files between checkout copies on different computers as needed.

You can find the first public release of bfsync here.