09.04.2012 bfsync-0.3.0: now scalable enough to do backups

Traditionally bfsync is used to get something like “Dropbox”. A shared set of files that is available at any computer you use. And since you can use it with your own server, you don’t need to pay GB/month fees.

Before this release, the number of files that could be stored in a bfsync repository could not become very large. However, after a few months of porting the code from SQLite to Berkeley DB, and optimizing other aspects of the code, it can finally deal with huge amounts of files.

So as for a “Dropbox”-replacement, this release is as good as the last release. But with this release you can use the bfsync FuSE filesystem to store your backups. Since each file content will only be stored once, after the initial backup the repository size shouldn’t grow too fast.

Here is the release of bfsync.


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