liquidsfz 0.2.1

The main goal of liquidsfz is to implement a library that supports playing .sfz files and is easy to integrate into other projects. We also provide a JACK client and a LV2 plugin.

A new release of liquidsfz is now available (under LGPL2.1+):

New opcodes, offset / offset_random / offset_ccN / offset_onccN were added, in order to be able to properly support more .sfz files.

Hydrogen drumkits can now be loaded transparently by loading the drumkit.xml file. We try to map hydrogen features to sfz features. For many drumkits liquidsfz should replay the drumkit identically like hydrogen would. But not all hydrogen features are mapped (for instance hydrogens randomized sample selection is not, so drumkits that use it don’t sound entierly correct). Fortunately most drumkits either sound great or at least usable even without all features hydrogen itself has.

The liquidsfz JACK client is now interactive, so users can type commands like noteon 0 60 127 which would create a note on event for note 60. I use this very heavily for debugging, since using a full DAW like Ardour is quite slow compared to typing a few commands or making a script which can be executed using source somefile as liquidsfz command.

I’d like to summarize everything else as: many small improvements have been made, a few of them requested from the community. This includes better API documentation and a few API additions, a global sample cache to optimize memory usage in some situations, support for shared libraries and lots of other fixes, which should make everything a little bit better for many users.

The full list of changes is in the NEWS files.


#1 Anders Nilsson on 12.16.20 at 21:08

Dear Stefan,

Thanks for an amazing job on the liquidsfz. I am testing the plugin version extensively in Ardour 6.5. Overall, both performance and stability seems really good. Certain .sfz libraries seem to load but do not produce sound, for example the SCC expressive strings, Any insights or possible fixes would be excellent.

#2 stw on 12.17.20 at 21:34

It’s good that you mention the problem, I can reproduce it here. I don’t have the time to debug it right now, but I am creating a github issue so it doesn’t get lost, so I can investigate further when I have the time

#3 stw on 01.07.21 at 21:14

SCC expressive strings should be fixed in the new liquidsfz-0.2.2 release

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