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	scsi0: ERROR on channel 0, id 12, lun 0, CDB: Read (10) 00 03 8d 14 70 00 00 08 00
	Current sda: sense key Medium Error
	Additional sense: Unrecovered read error

It’s “Bye, bye hard disk, thanks for doing a great job!”-time again. The main disk of my development machine (IBM Ultrastar, Nov 2000) died somewhere between 05:00 and 08:00 last night. I hadn’t been keeping too much stuff besides the main system on it recently, simply because 34G are filled up pretty quick these days. Nevertheless, there’s still the home dir of my local development account (a scratch account) on it. And allthough that has mostly temporary rubbish in it, besides my current development files, it does keep the settings of a pretty fine tuned desktop configuration…
So i went out earlier today to get a new hard disk (a fast, quiet and cheap P-ATA from Samsung – i’m slowly replacing all SCSI devices here) and put it into my development machine, taking proper care of grounding and unplugging everything appropriately. Believe it or not, once i turned everything back on, the BNC input of my 21″ monitor died. Double checked graphics card, connections etc, tried the monitor on the laptop… nothing. That input stage simply burned out. Bummer. Ok, so i’m using the D-SUB input now (luckily that monitor has two inputs) to copy over the disk contents to the new drive. While i’m writing this, that hot ol’ SCSI lady (you can’t touch it while it’s running, it’s way too heated) is making an awfull lot of noise on some sectors, kinda scary since i’m still copying some relevant development files.
Always remember, skip you not the daily backup!