26.03.2006 Beasty Bits

See: http://blogs.testbit.eu/timj/2007/03/25/26032006-beasty-bits/ (page moved)

I will quickly roll up some of the interesting bits that happened around Beast in the last couple of weeks.
Stefan Westerfeld sat down and put up a collection of the various instruments and loops he is producing with Beast. Nicely described BSE files along with Ogg previews are available in his music collection: STW Music Archive.

Hanno Behrens had been fairly active in pushing the Beast project before the last release. In particular he has been stirring up the mailing list with feature requests. One of the things we managed to get in in response to these efforts is a list of commonly used musical tuning systems. Besides the already supported 12-TET which is the 12 note per octave equal temperament used in all western contemporary music, this includes further TET variants, Indian tuning, pentatonic tunings, meantone tunings and various well tempered tunings mostly intended for organs.

Hanno also published a very well written C64-retrospective article about Beast synthesis in the 20th Issue (german) of the Lotek64 Magazine. And additionally, the technical backgrounds for this article are described in the Beast wiki: SID Vicious (english).