22.01.2007 Rapicorn-0.1.2

See: http://blogs.testbit.eu/timj/2007/01/22/22012007-rapicorn-012/ (page moved)

The last Rapicorn snapshot had a couple build and compiler issues which could be fixed meanwhile, so here is the “real” 0.1.2 release:
It’s still a technology preview release with known issues, nevertheless useful to look at. The release NEWS:

Rapicorn 0.1.2:
* added Image support for PNG images.
* added HSlider, VSlider, Arrow, dot-grid.
* added ScrollArea.
* added Adjustments.
* added command system allowing on-click properties.
* added reset logic to recover from stale event situations.
* added requisition tuning to allow iterative size allocations.
* added event grabbing.
* added MainLoop.
* added Thread-per-Window paradigm.
* added Viewport abstraction of drawing backends.
* added color schemes.
* added simple function Evaluator for XML properties.
* added Markup to labels.
* added focus handling for Items.
* added TextEditor prototype.
* added Region to handle rectangle arrays.
* added partial screen updates.
* removed libcairo/libpixman dependency.
* overhauled Table shrinking logic.
* upgraded Birnet library.

Known Issues:
+ instabilities/hangs upon main loop exit.
+ possible build issues with g++ versions < 3.4.6.