05.04.2006 Console Groups

See: http://blogs.testbit.eu/timj/2006/04/05/05042006-console-groups/ (page moved)

While i was reading up on the Anti-Grain Geometry project discussion of AGG vs. Cairo, i came across this link: The State of Linux Graphics.
This paper was apparently in the news last September, but somehow i managed to miss it. I’d say it’s a must read for anyone seriously involved with Linux graphics and even somewhat beyond that. Apart from disentangling the various rendering systems and approaches out there, it gives a good prospect of the technology needed for future desktops and hardware.
One particular thing that caught my attention is something that is needed in the Linux audio world as well: Console Groups.

Console groups are collections of hardware that go together to form a login console.

E.g. a mouse, keyboard, graphics display, sound card and maybe a specific USB port/hub and a printer.
This topic seems to have been raised at OLS 2005 although i wasn’t able to find something relevant in its proceedings. I’d appreciate any pointers readers may have on active work in this area.