19.09.2007 Yummy-Yummy git-svn

See: http://blogs.testbit.eu/timj/2007/09/19/19092007-yummy-yummy-git-svn/ (page moved)

I’ve had to add another bit to yyhelp to make my everyday coding more convenient, so it got support for git-svn(1). The yypull and yypushpull commands will now detect a git(7) repository set up with git-svn, and unless the repository also has a regular git upstream, pulling and pushing will be carried out via git-svn rebase and git-svn dcommit. yyinfo shows the update method being used for a repository and also displays the SVN HEAD revision now if any. That, plus miscellaneous changes make version 0.6 of yyhelp:

	Overview of Changes in YummyYummySourceControl-0.6:

	* for git-svn repositories, use rebase and dcommit to pull and push
	* fixed argument parsing for yybranch and yybranchdel
	* support revision argument for yydiff
	* check revision argument to yywarp