Glad to be a Mentor of Google Summer Code again!

This year I will mentoring in FedoraProject, and help Mandy Wang finish her GSoC program about “Migrate Plinth to Fedora Server” which raised by me.

While, why I proposed this idea? Plinth is developed by Freedombox which is a Debian based project. The Freedombox is aiming for building a 100% free software self-hosting web server to deploy social applications on small machines. It provides online communication tools respecting user privacy and data ownership, replacing services provided by third-parties that under surveillance. Plinth is the front-end of Freedombox, written in Python.

This idea mainly about migrate Plinth from Deb-based to RPM-based, and make it available for Fedora Server which will running on ARM machines.

The main goal of this idea is to make Plinth works fine in Fedora Server or Minimal flavor, due to Plinth write APT commands hard coded, so it is better to make it more adoptive for RPM. The secondary goal is to make a RPM package for Plinth from source and setup a repo for it, so that everyone who use Fedora could use Plinth.¬†Honestly to say, it is not a easy-hand task for GSoC student although I marked it “Novice” in Skill Level.

Mandy who were selected for finishing this idea is super adopted in my mind, because she write a very clear graph for how she will do in this GSoC.

It will start this May 30. I believe we will finish this mission successfully!

This work by Tong Hui is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 China Mainland.