Fedora 25 Release Party in Beijing

December 10th, Fedora Chinese User Group (FZUG) held the Fedora 25 Release Party in Peking University. There were more than 30 people attended, most of them coming from Peking University, Fedora community, Beijing GNU/Linux User Group and other distribution communities, there also were little people who works in local Red Hat.

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Outreachy 2016, I mentoring!

As Outreachy required for students, when this program starts they should post blogs every two week, but no such requirements for mentors. However, as a Outreachy mentor, I plan to share what I am thinking during this time, and post what I’ve learnt by the end of some mile-stones.

I would like to record some notes and thinking in blog posts, but may not so frequency as weekly, maybe monthly. As for language, I prefer English for that, but some reason, I am not good at writing English essay, so that I may post some Chinese blog future.

Before start…

In 2015, I am a mentor of Google Summer of Code, and mentoring two students for a project that implement a OTR (Off-the-Record) for a web-based IM tool. So I am confidential to apply being a mentor in Outreachy.

Before, I am a GNOME Foundation member for more than five years, doing localization and promoting GNOME as well as other FOSS project and philosophy in China. Actually, I raised two idea for this round of Outreachy. One is building a full-function event website to replace GUADEC website, but I found a new project named open-event could cover; Another is adding OTR (Off-the-Record) encryption support for Empathy. This idea dead due to Empathy are no longer developing and the developer said he never implement OTR any more.

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