GStreamer on Windows

While GStreamer has been working on Windows for a long time and one can compile GStreamer using Visual Studio, the lack of pre-made binaries for Windows developers has been a bit of an issue. Various groups and people have tried providing windows binaries for a while, but most efforts have stalled after a short while. The GStreamer winbuilds project however seems quite solid however and have now been doing good windows packages for quite a while. If you have been looking for Windows builds for GStreamer this is a good place to start. They already have a list of users on Windows and the reason I became aware is that the jokosher guys are using it for their windows porting effort.


#1 foo on 03.04.10 at 14:53

There really needs to be one free software distribution with Win32 as one of the architectures. GnuWin32 is probably the closest, maybe all Win32 free software packages should move there?

#2 mich on 03.04.10 at 16:02

Also this one seems good and updated

#3 Mike Sheldon on 03.04.10 at 18:26

Mich: OSSBuild is what’s behind the GStreamer WinBuilds project and is itself based on OABuild ( ).

#4 Stu on 03.05.10 at 11:59

Are the gstreamer builds on the gnome FTP up to date, if not these ones could be used.