Cambalache 0.10.0 is out!

3rd party libs release!

After almost 6 months of work I am pleased to announce a new Cambalache release!

Adwaita and Handy support

This cycle main focus was to add support for 3rd parties libraries and what better than Adwaita and Handy to start with.

Keep in mind that workspace support for new widgets is minimal which means you should be able to create all widgets and set its properties but some widgets might not show correctly in the workspace or lack placeholder support, please file an issue if you find something!

Inline object properties support

One of the new features in Gtk 4 is the ability to define a new object directly in a property instead of using a reference.

 <object class="GtkWindow">
   <property name="child">
     <object class="GtkLabel">
       <property name="label">Hola Mundo</property>

You will be able to create such object by clicking in the + icon of the object property and the child will appear in the hierarchy with the property name as prefix.

Special child type support

An important missing feature was being able to define special child type which is needed for things like setting a titlebar widget in a window.

<object class="GtkWindow">
   <child type="titlebar">
     <object class="GtkHeaderBar"/>

Now all you have to do is add the widget as usual and set the special type in the layout tab!

New Property Editors

From now on you will not have to remember all the icon names just select the icon you want with the new chooser popover.

GdkColor and GdkRgba properties are also supported using a color button chooser.

Child reordering support

Some times the order of serialization matter a lot specially when there is no layout/packing property to define the order of children, this is why now you can reorder children serialization position directly in the hierarchy!

Full Release Notes

  • Add Adwaita and Handy library support
  • Add inline object properties support (only Gtk 4)
  • Add special child type support (GtkWindow title widget)
  • Improve clipboard functionality
  • Add support for reordering children position
  • Add/Improve workspace support for GtkMenu, GtkNotebook, GtkPopover, GtkStack, GtkAssistant, GtkListBox, GtkMenuItem and GtkCenterBox
  • New property editors for icon name and color properties
  • Add support for GdkPixbuf, Pango, Gio, Gdk and Gsk flags/enums types
  • Add Ukrainian translation (Volodymyr M. Lisivka)
  • Add Italian translation (capaz)
  • Add Dutch translation (Gert)


Cambalache is still in heavy development so if you find something that does not work please file a bug here

Matrix channel

Have any question? come chat with us at

Where to get it?

Download source from gitlab

git clone

or the bundle from flathub

flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install --user flathub ar.xjuan.Cambalache

Happy coding!