Do you shop on-line via Amazon?


If you are like me, then you find the convenience of shopping at to be so very tempting.  With such full schedules, ordering something online and having it arrive a few days later means I will probably get the items sooner than if I had to find time in my day to go to the store.

When I shop at Amazon, they donate a small portion of the total amount to the charity of my choice, assuming the charity has registered with them to do so.  As part of my job at the GNOME Foundation is to make sure such paperwork is done correctly, I made sure as soon as I could that we are correctly registered in their system.  Now whether I need to buy birthday gift, light bulbs, or even a book, I know the GNOME Foundation will receive a donation as well.

If you are making purchases via Amazon, please consider setting up your account to donate to the GNOME Foundation too.  The AmazonSmile store does not cost any more than the standard Amazon store.  Just click this link and it will allow you to  Shop at AmazonSmile and support GNOME.

Once you’re signed in and have selected the GNOME Foundation as your preferred charity, all you have to do next time you want to shop at Amazon is to start at  Easy peasy!  With the holiday season coming up, I know I will be making quite a few purchases.  Shopping for gifts via AmazonSmile is like giving two gifts for the price of one.