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A quick notice

Monday, November 29th, 2010

The relayout has landed, further development will happen on the master branch. All those who switched their build to the overview-relayout branch should update their .jhbuildrc-custom to revert to master.

Thanks for the patience everyone!

Moving forward

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Yesterday I finally opened a Bugzilla bug to land the overview-relayout branch, so the review process has now started and hopefully the work will appear on master soon.

Most recent changes have been internal, but as seen above, the overall design has been tweaked a bit (not least thanks to Allan Day‘s input): the large black boxes around the currently selected view are gone, and the controls to add/remove workspaces have been moved to the screen edge (yup, the F–word!) and slide out on hover and during drags. Also the animation when entering or leaving the overview has been modified to only zoom the window previews — addressing a common complaint about the animation being visually expensive (well, or just “too much”), and resulting in the first bug filed explicitly against the overview-relayout branch — woops.

Add or remove a favorite

Remove a favorite

Apart from those tweaks I managed to implement Dash DND, so it is now possible to add / reorder / remove favorites from the dash using DND. The implementation probably still will require some adjustments, but the first reactions have been quite positive, so you might want to give it a try; the impatient can add branches['gnome-shell'] = (None, 'overview-relayout') to their .jhbuildrc, otherwise stay tuned for those changes coming to a Shell near you soon …