A quick notice

The relayout has landed, further development will happen on the master branch. All those who switched their build to the overview-relayout branch should update their .jhbuildrc-custom to revert to master.

Thanks for the patience everyone!

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11 Responses to A quick notice

  1. Tom B says:

    Thanks … great job!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for that – no more merging branches :-).
    Everything works flawless, except one thing:
    question about slow looking for installed apps (previous page) – try pressing a key first time you will see that.

    • fmuellner says:

      It really shouldn’t be slower than before the merge – there are no changes to the underlying system. But regarding the issue itself – it is a known bug and will hopefully get fixed before the release.

      • Tom B says:

        Thanks for info. I compared this (relayout v master) a lot of times during your work at overview-relayout – I’m affraid that it is significant slower.
        Anyway … I’m waiting for any fixes – beyond that everything is great.

  2. Tags are not visible everywhere, including the subject in the title is thus a good idea.

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  4. aklapper says:

    Ah, “gnome-shell” tag. Was wondering on Planet GNOME what this refered to. 😉

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