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Shell hacking on Silverblue

It has been a while now that I switched to Fedora Silverblue as my primary operating system, and I really dig the separation of using an immutable operating system flatpak for graphical applications toolbox for non-graphical development You probably know … Continue reading

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Mutter & GNOME Shell Hackfest

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the Mutter & GNOME Shell hackfest in Leidschendam. The Mutter side has already been covered in detail by Carlos (in a day–by–day blog series) and Georges (here), so I will fill … Continue reading

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The future of AlternateTab, and why you need not worry

Any time someone publishes a “The top n GNOME Shell extensions” article, there’s a fair chance that it will include the AlternateTab extension. That is a bit sad to be honest. Not because it would be wrong for users to prefer a … Continue reading

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Polari joined the Gitlab pilot project

I am happy to announce that yesterday Polari joined the Gitlab pilot project. This means that if you encounter any issue that has not been reported yet, it should now be reported in GNOME’s gitlab instance. Happy hacking!

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A small note on window decorations

If you have updated to the recently released GNOME development version, you may have noticed that some window decorations look slightly different. Of course it is quite normal for the theme to evolve with the rest of GNOME, but in … Continue reading

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GNOME Shell, GSettings and keybindings

Some of you may already know: it has been roughly a week since metacity/mutter switched to GSettings. The fallout has been quite small, so this seems like a good time to sum up the changes which may be of wider … Continue reading

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Ick hab noch eenen Koffer in …

deswejen fahr ick nächstens wieder hin Also I’m probably expected to mention my joint talk with Jakub, though I feel slightly bad that he does not appear anywhere in the announcement. But then, maybe it’s him who should feel bad … Continue reading

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¿HOT or NOT?

Hi! I’m Florian Müllner and I’m one of the hundreds who worked on GNOME 3 … So the weeks of craziness have come to an end – the awesomeness of GNOME 3 is out and the time to celebrate has … Continue reading

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A quick notice

The relayout has landed, further development will happen on the master branch. All those who switched their build to the overview-relayout branch should update their .jhbuildrc-custom to revert to master. Thanks for the patience everyone!

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Moving forward

Yesterday I finally opened a Bugzilla bug to land the overview-relayout branch, so the review process has now started and hopefully the work will appear on master soon. Most recent changes have been internal, but as seen above, the overall … Continue reading

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