Monthly Archives: October 2006

Icon theme cache issues

So I spent a good deal of saturday chasing down a bug in Agave that was reported by somebody trying to make a Debian package of it. Some time ago, when the second “GNOME Goal” was introduced for Installing theme-friendly icons, I decided I’d do that to Agave as well. (By the way, those little […]

First Snow has Fallen

I’ve recently added a simple breakpoint list widget to nemiver, and a few other minor things. Dodji’s added a few cool new things lately as well, including showing the value of a variable in a tooltip when you hover over it. There’s still no release yet, so you’ll have to pull from svn for now […]

First Sighting

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning, which involved our first ultrasound. We’ve been trying to avoid as much of the medical birth industry as we can, and do things as naturally as possible (see the Bradley Method), but we decided to do an ultrasound anyway, and I must admit that it was pretty fascinating […]