Feeling Productive

All the recent talk about tetris and canvases and animation prompted me to pick up the C++ bindings for clutter again and play around with it. I’ve added support for the clutter-cairo library and ported the ‘flowers’ demo to cluttermm.


I’ve also spent some time in the past week adding a marginally useful feature to nemiver: highlighting memory values when they’ve changed since the last time the debugger stopped. Adding this functionality required some significant modifications to the shared GtkHex widget that we use, so it’s not checked into svn yet, but hopefully will be soon. I’m not sure how people did significant refactorings and API additions before tools like git-svn were available. It’s so nice to be able to try out different things and make changes locally with full version control support instead of trying to maintain a mega-patch or committing half-baked ideas to the central repository.

I also released a new version of cairomm to coincide with the 1.6 release of cairo.